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[GAME][09 Aug 2010] Hit the Kitty 2.0 - All resolutions

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Hit the Kitty is a simple game for Windows Mobile.

Updated to 2.0 version!

Are you sick and tired yet of seeing Hello Kitty more or less everywhere? This game will give you the chance of venting some of that frustration - try and hit the kitties popping out of the windows!

It requires .NET CF 3.5 and works on

  • WQVGA (tested)
  • QVGA
  • WVGA
  • VGA

Here are some screenshots of the game


It's available in English, Italian, German and Russian.

Link to the download page

Link to the site page of the game (in Italian)

If you like the app, why not btn_donate_SM.gif?

Please don't make mirrors

Hit the Kitty 2.0

* New graphics

* Sound effects

* Game stats

* Optimized the code

* Fixed some bugs

Hit the Kitty 1.11

* Added Arcade mode and Time Attack mode

* 3 difficulty level

* added effects when you hit Hello Kitty or Doraemon (he makes you lose points, though)

Hit the Kitty 1.0

* Initial release

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