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Getting WPA2-EAP to work with a rooted X10 mini pro

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A cross-posting from xda-developers which may be useful for some.

One annoying thing about the X10 Mini Pro is that you can't connect to WPA2-EAP enterprise networks that use MSCHAPv2 (like a lot of university networks, such as eduroam). With a rooted phone you

can edit the wpa_supplicant.conf to get this to work. Apparently an app called Wifi Config Editor Pro will allow you to edit this without root on an X10, but it doesn't show in the market for my X10 Mini Pro, so....

1) adb shell

2) su

3) cd /data/misc/wifi

4) busybox vi wpa_supplicant.conf

(to edit the wpa configuration file)

5) add this at the end



key_mgmt=WPA-EAP IEEE8021X








or similar, where MYIDENTITY is your eduroam login ID and SECRET is your password. This is taken verbatim from another phone (HTC Desire, Android 2.2) which does work OK. You could also edit the file off phone and adb push it on, just watch ownerships (system.wifi) and permissions (u rw) don't get munged up.....

6) save

7) log out

8) connect and surf, it works for me :)

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