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Advanced Map Live Wallpaper

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Welcome to 'Paul's App of the Day', where I pick one of my favourite apps as featured app of the day! Today's app is...

Advanced Map Live Wallpaper

What they say

Set your favourite map as a Live Wallpaper showing your current position. Maps include Ordnance Survey, Google, Satellite, Bing, OpenStreetMap, and USA VFR and IFR charts (aviation)

* Automatic position refresh
* Map caching (low data usage)
* Battery friendly (no GPS required)
* Zoom settings
* Smooth scrolling
* Traffic

What we say

I love the Live Wallpaper that ships with Google Maps and this is a super-juiced up version of it! :) The OS map view looks great, love it!




View Advanced Map Live Wallpaper at AppBrain

Direct Market Link (for on device)

View on Android Market


To use, install 'Barcode Scanner' from the Android Market.



FREE (£1 donate version available to support future development)

Market star rating at time of writing

4.11 (192 ratings)

Version at time of writing


Similar / Alternative apps

Google Maps also has a (much less featurefull) Live Wallpaper included.

Suggested improvements for the next version

I would like to be able to click on the background and toggle between map views and also change zoom level without entering the setttings pane.

Have your say

Fan of Advanced Map Live Wallpaper? Found something better? Just wanna share your experiences? Post below! :D

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