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RAC Traffic

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Welcome to 'Paul's App of the Day', where I pick one of my favourite apps as featured app of the day! Today's app is...

RAC Traffic

What they say

RAC Traffic information for the whole UK including Central London, England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland.

RAC Traffic shows the nearest traffic problem to you, or by region via a Google map

See up to the minute traffic news on major and minor routes in the UK.

What we say

What started off as a slow performing app with a clunky UI has matured now into a via motorists tool for your Android device. RAC Traffic simply gives you a Google Map of the country with traffic incidents overlayed on it, be those accidents or planned roadworks. Definitely worth checking before you set out on your journey!




Unfortunately this application is not available via AppBrain. You can however view it at Cyrket.

Direct Market Link (for on device)

View on Android Market


To use, install 'Barcode Scanner' from the Android Market.




Market star rating at time of writing

4.06 (791 ratings)

Version at time of writing


Similar / Alternative apps

Google Maps has general traffic flow information onboard, and makes a good companion to this application. Also check out MapWeasel and gTraffic UK.

Suggested improvements for the next version

This application has come on in leaps and bounds, as with all of these apps, it would be useful if they could have some sort of awareness about your route and alert you as you near traffic conditions.

Have your say

Fan of RAC Traffic? Found something better? Just wanna share your experiences? Post below! :D

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