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Email interferes with Home tab

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Touch Pro2 running WinMo 6.5, standard O/S.

A minor, but annoying, recurring problem. Every now and again (a few times a day), the Home tab screen freezes ... or rather it gets "covered up" by something to do with messaging. The soft keys turn into the same ones you get when in messaging screens ... for example, you see Delete and Menu at the bottom for the soft keys, as well as the soft keyboard symbol in the middle. And on the top bar, "Start" top left gets replaced with "Messaging" and the drop-down symbol top right is covered by a close 'X'. The actual screen between the bars looks like a normal Home tab, except you eventually notice that the time doesn't change, etc. As soon as you hit 'X' to close at top right, the proper Home tab is revealed and the time flicks over; all's good again. Until next time.

Clearly it is sometimes putting up the Messaging menu items/bars for some reason.

I've had this for the life of the phone (more than 12 months now) and just lived with it. I recently did a complete reset to give it to my wife and was surprised to discover the problem soon resurfaced for her as well. I had always thought it might relate to Exchange push email, but my wife only uses fetch email so guess not.

Any ideas?



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