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ALAC (.m4a) music files

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Anyone know of an adroid app that can play ALAC? Technically they are .m4a files, but m4a is just a container and i know the content inside is apple lossless. I can convert them all to FLAC but since I use itunes as my library on my work PC and home mac, ALAC is the only lossless format I can use between both machines.

I also have a few .m4a purchased from itunes albums, stripped the DRM, I imagine the are some form of apple codec as well, probably AAC which I think is supported by android core anyway. I can convert these if needed. I guess my alternative is, find a player like songbird or something that can play mp3 and flac and runs on both mac and PC, and is nice and UI friendly, and can hopefully import my play counts somehow, and can stream to my stereo over my apple airtunes device, and then i can transcode all my ALAC stuff. This would probably take me an entire weekend to sort out, but i'd be rid of itunes for good and probably not too upset about it to be honest.

... OR... i could find an android app that plays all my existing ALAC and continue to rage at itunes whenever it lets me down (a lot, since it really struggles to handle a 300gb library over samba).

I think I read double twist may have some ALAC support coming in the future? All of double twist, mort player and stock HTC/android "music" player can all read the ALAC tags just fine (although I guess they are just standard mp4 tags).

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