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New ROM for 503G?

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I've come across a ROM by accident on a Chinese site. Here is the link:


I've used google to translate it and find the link to the download but it is veeery slow! I also don't know the bits that are country specific and don't know how to cook (Me! A woman in the kitchen!) a ROM that is in English.

If I manage to finish this slow download I will try to flash it. I was almost giving up on this phone anyway so it does not matter if I get chinese in it.

Any cook out there good enough to find the right ingredients for this supper?

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Managed to download it. It is only the OS.nb file

This is the same OS.nb that was inside the Mionica_kitchen for the Portège G900 but that kitchen has an output file with extension dip. The RUU tool for the Portège flashes files of this type.

I don't know how to merge the OS with the rest as there is no kitchen available to generate a XLD output that I know of. But I would welcome to be pointed to the right direction.

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