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I need some advice with a GBA Emulator.

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Hello there guys & girls, how's life? And yes OMG CHECK MY POSTCOUNT HES A NEWFAG WAWAWA! Well, if you feel like you can help me, please do. :huh:

I'm a big fan of old school consoles and well, good ol' gameboy games, and I bought a phone yesterday. It's a Samsung Jet S8000 and I really want to get a working GBA emulator to it. If it's possible I would like a NES/SNES/GB Emu too, but mostly a GBA one.

Please, if you know any working emulator for it, please tell me in this thread. ;)

Thanks in advance,


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unfortunately, Samsung Jet doesn't have any Operating System (like symbian or windows mobile) and as far as i know it only have Java. GBA need memory at least 32mb and Java (J2ME) doesn't have that requirement. That's why you won't find any GBA emulator using Java but Symbian and windows mobile.........

i know this problem because lately i want to build GBA emulator based on Java but i have to buried my obsession after knowing this problem......

You can play NES/SNES/GBC on Java because it doesn't need higher memory....

Also i don't know if it will work on touchscreen device are not......

NES = vnes

GBC = vGbx

SNES = maybe TurboSNES (I forgot it..... sorry!)

Hope for The best

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