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I'm unable to boot my Hong Kong Magic. I get the following on a white screen:


HBOOT-1.76.0008 (SAPP*****)




- red hexagon with red 'X' and a microchip -

Though it IS an HK unbranded phone, I must've panic-flashed a ROM or RUU at some point which changed the thing to a European version :P

AFAIK 'euro' is not as good as having an 'HK' one as the HK RUU is newer, it has Hero Sense and most importantly is readily available from HTC.com!

This RUU is available from HTC's HK site:

HTC Magic_RUU_Sapphire_SMC_Voda_WWE_3.03.990.6_release _signed_NoDriver.exe

This has always got me out of trouble before but since the phone turned Euro on me I'm knackered :)

I made a goldcard and downgraded to ENG SPL 1.76.2007.

The european RUU install 3.05.401.1 or 3.05.401.3 only make their way as far as Radio (progress at 32%), then the PHONE screen slowly fades to black, I get a static blue LED and the PC installation only continues to 36% before it stays there.

I've tried the following RUUs:

HTC Magic_RUU_Sapphire_SMC_Voda_WWE_3.03.990.6_release _signed_NoDriver.exe (no longer works - wrong bootloader version error)

RUU_Sapphire_HTC_Europe_3.05.401.1_test_signed_NoD river.exe

RUU_Sapphire_HTC_Europe_3.05.401.3_release_signed_ NoDriver.exe

As I can't flash recovery or boot with vol-down/power I have a feeling it's bricked :'(

I can 'fastboot devices' - I get 123456789012 !

Tried fastboot boot recovery.img but this also hangs at 'booting'.

Anybody got any ideas please? I don't want to go back to my old SE W810i!

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