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Fix for - 'Stuck on Dell logo after 2.1 update' (O2 only)

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Hi, My Streak was stuck at the dell logo after i tried to root and install the leaked 2.1 I downloaded the file you submitted named it Update.pkg, I chose "update from pgk" took me to another screen, then i seen option Update zip from sdcard clicked it but the .pkg file isnt on the list it only shows zip files so i droped the .pkg file in a .zip folder droped it on the root of sdcard said Installing update

2 seconds later it stops and said

E:Cant Find NISC

E:Cant Find NISC

ClockworkMod Recovery v1.8.1.7

E:Cant Find NISC

I cant seem to install the Update.pgk file because it dont show in the sdcard directory? any help? and yes I am totally new to this stuff :)

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