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Pulse mini not playing nice with win7 x64

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Hi All,

Not sure why but it seems the pulse mini drivers aren't playing nice with my win7 x64 installation.

What appears to happens is the very first time you plug the device in you get the virtual cd drive and can install the t-mobile/huawei software.

However I find If I do that any subsequent connection attempts fail but it's worse than that attempting to connect the phone on subsequent occasions appears to completely break windows ablity to handle devices.

Infact it seems to hang the device manager as well if you subsequently try and disable/enable any devices (I tried to disable the virtual clone drive driver i had loaded and it just hangs)

Is there a software update or anything that can be applied to see if it fixes this problem, last time I ended up uninstalling the drivers for the USB ports and rebooting so that windows re-detected them (Which is a pain, esp when you have a USB keyboard/mouse)

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I'm not sure what the problem was in the end, although it wasn't hardware as it works fine on a clean installation of windows.

Must have been something I'd previously loaded on the system.

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