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Mytouch HD to be the first Dual core phone ?

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The Rumoured MyTouch HD has apparently been outed as a Dual core machine...

According to Tmonews.com this advert has popped up with some vague specification listed including:

  • 1Ghz Dual Core cpu
  • 4GB internal memory
  • 8GB External memory (Sd card included)
  • 5mp camera
  • vga front facing camera
  • 3.8" screen

Clearly the standout item is the Dual core cpu, the first in a phone ( I think.....)

Now this image could be a photoshop, but for now lets hope it isn't.

In case you haven't figured it out, this is also aimed at the American market, so lets not get our hopes up over here too much. that said, there is a HTC announcement on the 15th of September!


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Does "dual processor" necessarily mean "dual core processor"?

I read somewhere that Qualcomm wasn't releasing dual core chips til end of 2011. Unless HTC is going with a different chip manufacturer.

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