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Wildifre on Softbank

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I see that the Desire Softbank ROM is availible, both modded and unmodded. Are there Wildfire ROMs availible? As I understand it, there are certain limitations on the phone with the Softbank ROM that prevent you from getting excessive data charges or something, I don't quite understand the details of it.

The woman at the store said I had to sign something to use an unlocked phone that would basically mean I would be liable for any charges that cropped up because the phone can't restrict itself under certain circumstances or something.

I suppose my question is, can I load that Softbank Desire ROM on my Wildfire, so that all of those limitations are in place to keep the phone from getting me charged out the wazoo?

OR if that's a no, then is there a modded Wildfire ROM available that will let me manually input these restrictions?

AND where can I find the information about these restrictions on Softbank if I have to input them and to hopefully understand them better?

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