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Water damage indicator

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Hi there, wondering if anyone knows where the water damage indicators are on the X10 Mini Pro. Cheers!

Every single phone I owned to this date had that humidity detection sticker and almost everyone had it visible. Like older SE's got it under the battery or recent BlackBerries sport them inside the headphone jack. That said, while it is highly unlikely that SE would neglect sticking it to the Mini Pro, I've took some minutes for a thorough search and found nothing like one on the outside, not even on the phone jack. Warranty prevents me from checking out its guts, so I googled for some teardown images and, WTH, found no signs of a indicator.

I must say this sounds very odd, specially in countries where the consumer law determines the it's the counterpart that holds the obligation of proof on a lawsuit, and this usually is the only proof they have against a user who, er, moists his phone.

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