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As you may know, a Few months ago Orange and T-mobile Merged and Became Everthing Everywhere.

We'll Today you can Get a Signal Virtually Anywhere in the UK.

Basically when Your Phone loses T-Mobile Signal, It'll Switch to Orange. With No additional Charges.

To Start, Sign Up here

Then When asked for manufacture choose t-mobile.

You'll be sent a text which You Reply to "2121" With "YES"

Then You'll be ready!

At the Mo only 2G Signals are Supported but 3G will be added soon!

If you want to check if it works go to Settings>Wireless>Mobile Networks>Network Operators> Orange 2G (To change back just do the same but choose T-mobile)

It will appear as Roaming but don't worry it won't cost you anything other that standard t-mobile charges.

P.S Orange Customers can sign up here and get access to T-Mobile :)

Enjoy ;)

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is 3G sharing now working?

Yeah I guess so mines been working for a while and I haven't been charged for it =]

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