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Omnia I900 stucked at boot screen

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Hello Everyone,

I have a samsung omnia i900 16GB, I have flashed my phone for 5 > times in the past all successfully. But yesterday I tried to flash my phone to PDhee_i900Omnia_WM653_23138.5.3.9_WM7Style_Beta1 rom, I used windows xp for it with the normal userdownloader. The flashing process stucked at 34% i quitted the userdownloader and tried to flash it again. It has the same result only it stucked at 6%, then i did a hard reset (soft reset button then green (call) button and red (end call) button at same time. Then i started to flash again with same rom. This time flashing finished succesfully. But when i boot the phone i see the Samsung Omnia logo and then it stucks.

I tried several other roms and all the same: most of the times the rom stucks while flashing, and some times the rom will flash succesfully but the phone wont pass the Samsung Omnia Boot Logo.

My device is recognized by Windows XP only with Omnia dockingstation (usb cable + power cable).

Does anyone how to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance.

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Topic can be closed i found it out by myself: The dockingstation from my omnia needs an mini usb B cable to connect. Sync and charge always worked with my old mini usb b cable. But the flash process as described above often get to 100% with the old cable. Now i have borrowed an shielded mini usb from a colleague and it works immediately.

This topic can closed.

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