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Re-brick your i910

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Hi all. Been very busy last 2 weeks to figure out what to do with i910 Bell.

I have changed my omnia to i900 to i910 and backwords a lot of time.

i900 has a different rom uploading program. your phone must be on and connected to the pc.

while i910 has a different program. you run the program and then you connect your phone while the phone is off.

I have integrated the eboot part of i910 with an i900 updater program.

You must connect your phone to the pc withh active sync.

run the updater program located here:


then run the program. Program will load the eboot rom. and then give an error. then stop

disconnect phone and close it.

Now choose a good i910 rom and flash it with UMDL (or something else)

If anyone has any questions dont hesitate to ask.

THANKS TO MODACO for giving me so much in just two weeks. And for the time Modaco stole from me :P))

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Cool! While I haven't done that, there are definitely others who have, so this will hopefully get them out of that problem.


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