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The samsung Galaxy S and Captivate the same phone? whats the fascinate then?

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hi all!

Why is the Samsung captivate also called the Galaxy S?

Captivate website -


It says Galaxy S in the page title!

So am i right in thinking that there are two phones the -

Samsung captivate galaxy S



a Samsung Galaxy S?


That right??

If the Captivate and galaxy S looked the same, id assume they are just the usual early names that some phones take or regional names. But the two phones look different so i assume are different models. On the back of the Captivate it also says Galaxy S.

And then there is the samsung fascinate Galaxy S! Im sooo confused!!!

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I'm Aussie but as far I've read the Fascinate is the VERISON's version of SGS as the AT&T's Captivate...

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