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Lo all,

I've been sans Hero for a while, and now have it running 2.1 r5 Modaco. Battery life however, is a bit pap.

I've disabled "Enable always-on mobile data" (as it saves some power and isn't necessary) - but my battery isn't making a full day.

Battery status shows "Up time" and "Awake time" being the same (at 45 hours, with charges at various points)

Cell Standby *was* the biggest culprit, but I've just put Spare Parts on the phone, and have the following...

"Other Usage" - "Running" = 100% / "Screen On" = 21%

"Partial Wake Usage" - SMS Backup = 16hrs, 24 mins (so that's not 45 hours)

So WTF is keeping it awake 100% if it's own stats show nothing is keeping it awake! :\

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