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"Device Management (process com.wssyncmldm)"

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Hello everyone,

after updating to Froyo with Kies when i start the phone I always have this message:

"The application "Device Management (process com.wssyncmldm)" has stopped suddenly. Please try again."<<<<Translate by google translator from italian to english

The only thing I can do is press the "forced closure" to go!

then the phone vibrates and gives back the error message again.


- The central button does not work

- With the long press of the button "off" the only thing that comes out is "power off" and nothing else!

- The screen lock (with slider glass) no longer exists and the screen cannot be locked!

what can I do?

thanck you,



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Turn the phone off and go into recovery mode (press volume up and the center button and then power and hold all down until it enters recovery mode) wipe the cache and try again, if it still doesn't work go back to recovery and do a factory reset.

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