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Nexus 'S' outed.... Apparently

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Is this the real thing? The Nexus 'S' ?

Well, it's been an interesting few hours on twitter, first Best buy in the Usa list a 'Nexus phone, then a pic appears on an advertising banner on their site showing a phone apparently with gingerbread, looking suspiciously similar to a Samsung Galaxy S- the base for the rumoured Nexus S.

Then, Engadget show 'hands on' pictures of the same phone and some specifications.

Engadget also point out that there are pictures taken with this device on Picasa etc can be traced back to Google employees, looks like as with the original Nexus one, they are sending devices out to employees to test in the real world.

I expect more will come out over the next few hours, hopefully confirming this is the real thing. Most importantly, it seems the rumours were correct and we are going to have a new developers phone- yay!


Well, more like minutes actually!

I've added a couple of other pics, one is the best buy banner from their website and the other is a stolen pic of Best buy internal promotional paperwork, showing planned advertising for the 14th or November. This does tie in with recent talk of Best buy in the Usa and hopefully Carphone warehouse in the UK selling it direct to the customer.

We all have our own opinions on Samsung phones, myself, I wish it was another HTC made phone. But lets look on the plus side, the 4.0inch screen on the Galaxy S is superb, much better than anything HTC have currently, and the Galaxy S is a very slick phone, quicker than a Rooted tooting Nexus One ( After it's been rooted and lag fixed that is!)


Best buys Advertising banner earlier today:


Best Buy internal document showing advertising space planned for Nexus S:


Source: Engadget

Source: Androidpolice

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Looks like a upgraded tmobile pulse :|

i guess if they can make the phone's price lower as htc phones are just expensive in general but you get the quality..

pay less for plastic..

owell there i say it, im glad i have a desire HD. i was wondering if i should get the desire z next month or this if it materialised. i think from what i see i'll stick to the z. LTE isn't going to come to the uk anytime soon so why bother ey?sure i can live without video calling as i have done so.mind you it would be cool if you can video chat over gtalk :rolleyes: directly beat skype to it...

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Well, I can't keep up!

Looks like this phone could NOT be the Rumoured Nexus2/S after all!

Stories going around now are that is was going to be the new Nexus branded phone, but the 'Hardware issues' that delayed it's launch turned out to actually be that they felt it wasn't powerful enough, and that it needed to be a dual core CPU to compete with the next generation of phones that will start to appear next year.

I'm posted another news story about the latest Rumoured Nexus branded phone.... Try to keep up!

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I think it looks quite nice to be honest, but doubt it will pack any innovation. :rolleyes:

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