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Can't send pictures by text message.

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I can receive text messages with pictures just fine, but if I try to send them, I get the "failed after several attempts" and the message just sits there with the envelope and clock icon in the upper right corner. I tried through the default messaging app, and through ChompSMS. Is anyone else having a problem sending pictures through text messages?

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SOLVED. It took me six hours, but I figured it out. I tried so many things I can't even remember. Deleted all, add three at once, modified things. The end result was still no sending of MMS. My last try I reset everything back to default, and I was checking all fields, and noticed the "MMSC" field said "null". Well from looking over so many different configurations I noticed almost all of them showed the MMSC had "mms.msg.eng.t-mobile.com/mms/wapenc", so out of desperation I changed "null" to that, and BOOM, it worked. I now have all things working like they should.

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