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Please help! No sound from video

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Thanks for reading this!

When I use the camcorder app to record video there is no sound when I play the video back.

The sound works completely for the rest of the phone, I've played other video with my EVO and I can hear the sound just fine, so I figured it's not the phone but the camcorder app that is causing the problem.

When I go to Menu > Settings > Applications > Manage Applications the camcorder app does not appear on the list.

How do I fix this issue?

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To clalify:

1. The camcorder does not appear in 'manage applications' at all, under any of the four tabs.

2. When you use the camcorder app, it is supposed to record both video and audio. What I'm saying is my camcorder app is NOT recording audio. Also other videos that I save to the microSD card to play on the EVO will playback with sound, while the video I record with the EVO does not.

3. Yes I rebooted, removed battery for 5 minutes, none of that fixed the issue.

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