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This activates the tethering WINPHONE7, HERE YOU HAVE THE CODES

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Those who have read the test on different terminals under the Winphone 7 you will know that one of the shortcomings of this operating system is that does not support tethering, that is, use your phone as a modem when necessary, provided that the operator supports it, because otherwise the bills would become "broken."

It turns out that it is false that does not support it, the reality is that the function is hidden and Microsoft certainly leaves one of the improvements that will trigger a second phase.

But since here the who hesitates is lost, our colleague SAKEATOR, sniffing on the network, found these instructions to activate the role and although the test is performed on an Omnia 7, since all terminals under Winphone 7 are identical in their " guts "software will work on either.

Which already has a Winphone 7 and can prove it has adequate data rate, which will try and tell us your experience:

Here I leave the link to information:


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Problem is those codes only work on the Omnia7 and not the HD7 commands are "unknown" when attempting them on the HD7.

There are quite a few codes around that appear to work on the Omnia7.

Another site listed these codes


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