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Phone Book Recovery

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Yesterday, I decided to finally update the ROM in my Omnia i910 with the latest ROM update from Samsung.

I got it connected and used Pocket Controller Pro to make a complete backup of all the files on the phone prior to

starting the ROM update.

After I sync'd the phone to a folder on my computer I updated the ROM following Samsung Instructions.

No issues at all with the ROM update.

Re-connected my phone and used Pocket Controller Pro to copy the files back from the PC to the phone.

Phone hung during restart...it figures as the files on the PC were older and out of date.

So I did a hard reset...Phone came back up nice a clean.

However, I am now stumped as to how to recover my phone contacts.

I would guess they are in a file and worst case scenario I would have to open the file with an editor and manually copy out the information.

But I'm having a devil of a time trying to determine what the name and location of such a file might be in my backup.

I've already made the assumption that I shot myself in the "phone book" B)

I'm hoping someone with a better understanding might be able to point me to the location of the phone book data file.



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