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Vodafone branding and new ROM

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I recently bought HTC wildfire from Vodafone, Germany. It's unlocked, but of course with Vodafone branding. I installed ClockworkMod and then i followed the post at this site and updated ROM to version appears in the post :

16/Nov r1 - MoDaCo Custom ROM for the HTC Wildfire with Online Kitchen

The update was successful, and Vodafone branding disapeared, but....there are still few minor things that i don't understand. For example, i have Vodafone scene, which is impossible to delete or every time i open browser, it starts with www.vodafone.de, which is default, and again i cannot change.

How is it possible? I mean, i have new updated ROM, so where my Wildfire keep this old Vodafone settings?

Any help or some info will be appreciated.



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