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James Muscat

Dead on arrival

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At the risk of living up to the "only posting online about problems thus making it look worse than it really is" stereotype...

My Vega arrived this morning but wouldn't turn on... Tried to boot it into recovery mode to attempt to flash it, and it doesn't connect over USB properly (Windows says 'device has malfunctioned').

When I first plugged it in to the mains, the charging light started flashing white at me. After about five minutes that turned to a solid blue, where it has stayed while plugged in. If I try and turn it on without it being plugged in, then the blue light flashes briefly. There's a slight change in the LCD state - so it's trying to turn on - but there's no other sign of life.

I'm assuming there's nothing obvious I'm missing but I suppose I'm going to have to trudge to PC World and return it... :P

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