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Curry's Preferred Courier?

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Hi all,

Does anyone know which courier Dixons / Currys / PC World use for Vega deliveries? I'm keen on getting one (now maps, etc. have been hacked on) but can't abide the idea of Home Delivery Network bouncing the package from my office back to their middle of nowhere depot...

I'm in the Brighton area, anyone had a delivery there?



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Hoorah! Cheers all.

They use DHL home deliver,i tried to track mine and from what the lady in the office could work out no driver "supposedly" had it on board and no one knew where it was,even her quote was worrying "its funny how its always high priced items that go missing",eventually after numerous phone calls to head office and lots of complaining and making a manager get off his buttocks and do some work it eventually turned up at 7pm by a red faced angry looking driver "who in my opinion had been caught out,if you know what i mean".

In my honest opinion i will never order from the Dixons group (pc world,currys,dixons) if this is the couriers they are going to use as as they are all a bunch of Dick Turpins...........

PS im in east sussex so yes im near the Brighton area if that helps the previous poster.

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