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Protective cover for Vega

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Hi Peeps.. hope evryone enjoyin' their shiny new Vegas !!

Need to protect it from grubby hands and accidental knocks !!. Anyone come across any suppliers with suitable protective covers... ones on ebay appear to be to large and the ipad ones are to small.

any ideas please post here


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Not sure what you mean by protective covers, was searching google and noticed them slide-in cases, this:


Guessing they will fit since thats the section for the Advent Vega.

The only accessory made specifically for the Advent Vega is the screen protector:


at pc world for £12.99.

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Was really looking for the type of folio case in leather or even faux leather. The ones on ebay are for the chinese version "epad" bu they are too wide and double the depth of the vega. There is a sleeve which would be ok for £5.99 which is a lot better value than gearzap but would prefer a leather one.

Also think pcworld have a bloomin' cheek charging £12.99 for what is after all a bit of clear plastic !!.... no doubt other suppliers will start to produce alternatives

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