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FROYO on Xperia X10

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Hi all

Some great DEVS (jerpelea and zdzihu) from XDA develop 2 custom roms for our X10 and here`s how you can get the 2.2 FROYO version and better...you will have Dual Boot



First of all there`s a few things that you have before install this.

1. Android SDK installed and on the root of your PC/Laptop (C:\)

2. Correct java for your Operating System

3. Official 2.1 ROM from SonyEricsson

4. Rooted device

5. Busybox Installed and run properly

If you don`t have all the necessary requirements don`t do this!!!

Ok let`s do it

1. Download Froyo 2.2.1 AOSP ROM at the end of the post

(23/11/2010 FreeX10_alpha-release_0.0.1)

2. On your Official 2.1 SE ROM go to Applications>Devolopment and check everything.

3. Connect your USB cable

4. Mount SDCARD

5. UNZIP FreeX10_alpha-release_0.0.1.tar.bz2 to some place of your PC/Laptop and you will get two files (FreeX10.zip and install)

6. Now just copy those two files to the root of your SDCARD

Now here`s the funny part

7. Open cmd

on XP go to Start>All Programs>Accessories>Command Prompt

on VISTA just type cmd on start

8. On cmd window type


adb shell

su (a window will pop up on your screen phone. make sure you select allow)

dd if=/sdcard/install of=/data/install && chmod 777 /data/install && /data/install

and the installations proccess will begin :P

9. Reboot ONLY you cmd windows says so

10. Rebooting proccess may take a while (but no more than 10min)

11. Enjoy your new 2.2 Froyo Rom

NOTE: To enter on 2.1 stock rom just press BACK button right after SonyEricsson appear on screen


To solve some issues of this release do this:

1. On the same post download FreeX10_alpha-release_0.0.2-UPDATE

2. Reboot your X10 and enter 2.1 stock version

3. Mount SDCARD

4. UNZIP FreeX10_alpha-release_0.0.2-UPDATE and copy those two files to sdcard>FreeX10 folder. will ask if you want to replace. Choose YES.

5. Rebbot your X10

Bugs solved with this version:

- - incoming call works everytime now

- wifi

- lockscreen

- SMS vibrate

- wifi location

- home button


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Copy chargemon file to

folder ON YOUR ORIGINAL 2.1 ROM, NOT FROYO!!! NOTE: you must renamed to chargemon (without *.txt) chargemon.txt AFTER UPGRADE TO 0.0.2 VERSION 1. SMS vibrate is disabled by default; open Messaging, press MENU button -> settings -> vibrate -> always 2. If you don't have radio (network) after 1st boot, please open ADB shell and issue this command:
killall servicemanager
3. If you don't have root access, please open ADB shell and issue this command:
chmod 4755 /system/bin/su
or run this in adb shell (on 2.1)

rm -r /sdcard/FreeX10 && rm /system/bin/chargemon && rm /system/bin/ramdisk.tar
adb push /mnt/sdcard/<filename> - to copy the file to SD

adb pull /mnt/sdcard/<filename> - to copy the file from SD

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This list is ONLY to solve bugs of 2.2.2 version after applying FreeX10_alpha-release_0.0.2-UPDATE

1. Limitations known of 2.2 Froyo Rom

Cannot Mount via USB

2.2 Custom ROM put the SYSTEM partition on your phone memory and the DATA partition in your SD card. That is why you cannot dismount the SD card from Android to mount to your PC.

No App2SD

Due the fact 2.2 Custom ROM still running on 2.1 Kernel which not supporting this.


2.1. Some *.apk installation problems

Some apk files may configured it self to be installed od SDCARD by default (Angry Birdsfor example). To change this we have to force to install on internal memory instead. To do that type this code on adb:

Search for

mount -t vfat -o rw,noatime,nodiratime /dev/block/mmcblk0p1 /sd
and change to
mount -t vfat -o rw,noatime,nodiratime,utf8 /dev/block/mmcblk0p1 /sd
2.2 Facebook Sync Download ContactsProvider from the end of this post and extract to your tools folder of adb. Then on adb type:
adb push ContactsProvider.apk /system/app/ContactsProvider.apk

adb reboot

2.3 I´m connected to WI-FI but cannot browser

This problem seems to be occurring on some routers. If you have this problem you must set "static IP" on you WI-FI connection.

Go to Settings -> Wireless ... -> WiFi, then press menu button. From there you can set static IP


stay tunned for more in the future :P


Edited by rendeiro2005

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