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Confused.com about the USB storage message

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Hi folks .... I wonder if I'm the only person confused about the message you get after connecting the Vega to a PC via the supplied USB lead and turning USB storage on, it reads:-

USB Storage in use

Before turning off USB storage make sure you have unmounted ("ejected") your Android's SD card from your computer,

I can understand the need to use 'eject' on the PC before unplugging the USB cable connected to the Vega (that is standard good practice) but why does it talk about the SD card?

Surely it should say Advent Vega else some people might pull out the SD card at that point with unknown consequences.

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Not very clear i agree.

When you connect like this it is "Mounting" your SD Card and allowing the PC to see it. Like simply plugging in a USB Key to your PC.

But yes the description could be clearer.

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