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WiFi Issues after R4 and Performance Pack

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Hi all,

I upgraded my Vega (which i finally received today) to 1.04 and everything was working fine wireless wise. Paid for an Ad Free sub and downloaded Paul's R4 Custom ROM and Performance Pack and now i can't connect to my WiFi. When i turn it on i often get 'Sorry! Application Settings (in process com.android.settings) is not responding.If i click Wait, it comes on then i get the 'Unable to Scan for Networks' message and hen WiFi is turned off.

I've gone back to 1.04 and all is well and then reapplied r4 ROM with Performance Pack but it's just the same.

I'v had a look for to see if there are any related threads and the only one that looks similar is one where the router firmware was upgraded..i've got a Linksys wrt54gs running DD-WRT v24-sp2 std

Any ideas would be greatfully appreciated.



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Might aswell reply to my own thread incase anyone else has similar issues. ;)

I donloaded a new version of the R4 Custom ROM with Perfromance Pack and repeated the process..this time it worked fine..lol

Thanks for your hard work Paul, it's appreciated and really tranforms the Vega.


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