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How quick does it boot from fully off?

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Hi all,

just a quick question for the Vega owners:

I know it does "standby" and I assume turning on from standby is near instant? But I read on here that it does nonetheless deplete the battery noticeably when on standby.

So my question is:

How quickly does it come on from fully off to usable?

And a related question - if you fire up a browser session, does it get online quickly?

My phone will get online within maybe 10 secs, whereas I had an Archos 7 which once you loaded the browser (quite fast) took about a minute to negotiate a wifi connection, which was frustatingly rubbish.

Thanks for any answers>

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I would say around 30 seconds to boot up, its not all that quick from a cold start. If the wireless is off standby/suspend doesn't use a lot of power.

Browser session starts up almost instantly for me and if there isn't a wireless signal available(eg ive turned it off before browsing) it takes maybe 10 seconds to turn on an connect to my home wireless network.

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Thanks all for the replies (the video was great!)

sounds plenty fast enough for me.

Much better than my old Archos 7.


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