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Need phone with long battery life for dad's xmas gift

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Ok, so my father is technologically illiterate but I want to get him a new phone for Christmas. He's been complaining that his, a Motorola Adventure v750, has terrible battery life and is always dead. I was thinking about just buying him a bigger battery for the one he's got but considering that the extended batteries are only ~40% bigger and his phone is really beat up (cracked screen, worn-off paint/buttons, the works), I'm now thinking about buying him a whole new phone altogether. The requirements would be that it's compatible with Verizon, has really good battery longevity under heavy use (or at least has great options for extended batteries--aftermarket is ok too), and that it is NOT a touchscreen. Also, the more durable the better, and if possible it should have a color screen/camera (he gets a kick out of taking pictures of his boat, idk).

I'm considering getting him the Sonim Quest but I wasn't sure if they're any good, I don't know if they're compatible with Verizon, and they're a tad on the expensive side.

Any suggestions?

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