10/Dec 2.22.405.1 r1 - MoDaCo Custom ROM (Froyo 2.2.1) for the HTC Wildfire with Online Kitchen

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Found this guide

it suggests installing then uninstalling HTC Sync.


Right managed to get it working (up to a point) Installing then un-installing HTC Sync fixed the issue of unrevoked not seeing the phone. However the root process fails.

Now the search begins for a solution, if any.

What frimware is your phone.. If its a FROYO .. i cant be rooted as yet...

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klecoviks    0
I'm having the same issue as GB-UK.

Can't get passed installing clockwork mod, unrevoked just sits there waiting for the phone to be connected. Debug in on and I've installed the USB drivers as suggested on the unrevoked site.

I had similar, maybe the same problem.

For some reason, ADB drivers (something to do with ADB anyway) didn't install.

The solution was to install PDANet ( which will install that ADB stuff.

After that it was easy, as Unrevoked did its thing automatically.

Hope it helps.

I've spent HOURS on this ...

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leavitnow    0

can you please advise, does it unlock the phone ? looking for htc wildfire to install your custom froyo and would like to be able to use any sim .

your help n advise welcomes, appreciatd.

many thanks

dave , leavitnow at yahoo dot co dot uk

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brutus66    0
Did you wipe first? That usually fixes boot loops.

i had the same happen to me, did the wipes now working just fine thanks for the info

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Stevonator    1

Awesome rom!

I flashed my Wildfire and installed this as a practice go so when I get my Vega I'll know what I'm doing.

In the process of doing this I cleared the entire Internal Memory of my Phone and SD card. I mean everything. I selected Format to all the options in the clockworks mod. But hey, it's all a learning curve. I'm just grateful your rom worked :) You saved my life lol.

Loads of new features and I can tether my 3g to my Laptop for when I'm on the go now to! Genius! Cheers guys! Keep up the good work. Hopefully when I get the vega I'll be contributing a bit more to help make these roms :)

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PasteBin    0

Great work!

Just some ideas/questions:

a. HTC IME Keyboard does not support multiple languages to swap! Only using morelocale2 it adds new languages.

b. If i remove English from swap list under "Internacional keyboards" it removes the swap option from the keyboard but it forces english language!

end point:

I need a small fix to keep this settings:

1. keyboard type: numeric

2. internacional keyboard: none selected

3. T9 language: portuguese

4. keyboard with no swap languages adding the "?" and "!" key for speed typing.

I tried to uninstall (keeping a backup with titanium backup) the htc ime on this rom, and installed all option on the web, even the jonasl mod. All of them crashed!

Also tried to hack the and tried several settings and nothing!

Is this possible to fix? how?

Some other thing, the Spare Parts Font change does not work on my Wildfire!

Thanks in advance.



Edited by PasteBin

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gagan313    6

Hello everyone... i just bought a htc wildfire from three and i along with all my other phones i want to install cwm on it... can anyone point me in the right direction please :)

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