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Sylvania 7' Netbook

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I am currently running a Sylvania 7' netbook with Windows CE 6. :P Yes..I am almost ashamed to admit this actually. I purchased it at CVS when I was traveling in order to access the internet. Upon doing a little research I found nothing but negative responses and TONS of questions! I wasn't experiencing any of these maladys at that time so I put that info in my lil' mental drawer for a rainy day. My poor netbook wasn't the best or fanciest; but it served it's purpose and that s all that matters. About two weeks ago it began to be nothing but a pain my rear! Now it acts very buggy! I can no longer use Windows Media Player (which never worked properly to begin with,) Core player is a dud as well whenver I attempt to play any files that worked perfectly before. Things are getting progressively worse. Now I can't run some programs which when I attempt to execute a pop up appears saying that I must have NET framework 3.5. Is there anyone who could offer advice or suggestions? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! I would also like to hear from other users of this device and their experiences and opinions on it. THANK YOU!!!! ;)

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