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Notion Ink 'Adam' tablet goes official.

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The eagerly awaited 'Adam' tablet is officially available for pre-order.


Apologies for the stolen image from slashgear, there actually isn't any real pictures of it yet.

This Tablet has been in the pipeline for nearly a year now after being shown at last years CES show, finally we have a Pre-order date of the 10th of January and a rumoured release of the 6th of January.

First of all is the price, various versions were all confirmed today,the good news for us here in the UK (And Europe) is that it is, unlike the Nexus S, a 'worldwide' price, that is there is one price and that remains the same wherever you are, just adjusted according to the exchange rates.


LCD Wi-Fi version will start at $375.33

3G version at $425.33 (for limited period?).

Transflective version (Pixel Qi) will start at $499.45 for Wi-Fi only and 3G variants at $549.99

However you look at it, it's pretty good value, basic version should be less than £300 in the UK- not sure about the import tax etc lottery though!

Specification is one of the reasons for the interest in this, sporting hardware equal or better than anything out there currently, highlights include:

  • 10.1" WSVGA display (1024x600)
  • Optional Pixel Q display
  • Nvidia Tegra 250
  • Dual core Cortex A-9
  • 1Gb DDR2 Ram
  • 1Gb SLC
  • 8Gb Flash + SD card
  • HDMI
  • Mini Usb
  • 2 x USB slots

There is so much more to make this worthy of a decent look, I'm not going to cut and paste the entire spec, go to Notion Ink to read the full spec and more. Alternatively go Here to read the blog from Notions main man, it makes interesting reading.

The only downsides to this so far is the lack of any proper images or videos of the device, or even some decent hands on opinions.

There is a risk as it is a new company and this could all be a load of pish and the device turns out to be rubbish,conversely it could be just what the tablet market needs to give the big boys a kick to up their game, lets all hope it's the latter!

Personally this tablet is the reason I've not gone and bought an Advent Vega, if it is as it looks, it'll be the first real straight competitor to the ipad in terms of quality, size and performance- only better because it is Android and has such things as usb slots!

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Thanks for the info. Got the Vega already, just wanna see the real comparison betwween the two. Thanks Paul~

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Pixel Qi models already sold out :)

I've got a vega - and the only major hardware problem is the screen (not thats its terrible - just room for improvement). So a better screen coupled with the revolutionary dual mode black + white stuff on the Adam - I was really interested in this device.

The wikipedia page says they have their own Android 2.2 OS called eden. With the vega so hackable and the community skill in changing software Im not sure what to make of Eden.

As this thing ins't even shipping yet and with no hard evidence of what its even vaguely like Im probably going to not bother pre ordering.

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This looks like a very good replacement for my archos 70 internet tablet... fingers crossed though..

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nice looks great

its unfortunate that its not a real picture.

there actually isn't any real pictures of it yet.

should be there aren't any real pictures

is = singular, are = plural

this may appear to be a flame but it isn't!

he is alive

he are alive

Looks a great tablet.. at 200 pounds and universal price thumbs up.

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Anyone know when the next round of pre-orders are? Or an idea of when it may go on sale?

I read somewhere that customers who pre-ordered them the first time are having theirs posted on the 11th

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