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I900 Omnia 10 SMS Receive Bug/Limit ?

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Hello everyone, this is my first post and have an issue with my very loved omnia, second after a girlfriend :). The problem is that my omnia receives only the first 10 text messages, then there is silence and no text messages comes to phone, only after soft-reset the rest of sms comes to phone... I tried a lot of roms, radio roms, HR, SR, no effect, I don't have a clue, what to do with this issue... Is this the hardware or software fault and what can i do with this ? Currently i have a OCK's 23118 eclipse (touchinput) with XXHJ1 Radiorom - best for gsm in my city.

Sorry for my english, I'm from Poland :)

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Any one knows whats wrong with this phone ?

UPDATE: Configuration

PDA: Samsung non-branded SAID2

CSC: Samsung SAID1

PhoneRom: XXIB2

Effect is the same, when i reach the 10 received text messages, i must turn off and then turn on the phone function in wireless manager...

This bug is practically on every rom and every PhoneROM, which I tested (tested a lot of them...)

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I am having the exact same issue with my phone and it came from no where. Everything was working fine and then BOOM. I have since hard reset a couple times as well as changed the roms on my phone 4 times now (4 different roms and hardware versions). I have also deleted all my messages to see if that may help as I heard it might, no help there either. I have since contacted Samsung to see if they can help me but so far I have been unsuccessful.

Anyone able to fix this issue on their own?



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