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New 101 Firmware 2.0.71

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Firmware changes

Version 2.0.71 - December 16th, 2010

* Wi-Fi: fix Wi-Fi stuck after a while when using WPA2/AES encryption mode

* Wi-Fi: fix cannot connect on channels above 11 due to wrong default regulation domain

* Power management: for A43/A70/A101 add a setting in about device to allow 3 levels of power management. Overdrive that allows CPU max frequency to be 1GHz with ondemand governor, optimal that brings CPU max frequency to 800MHz with ondemand governor and powersave that set CPU max frequency to 800MHz with conservative governor

* Indexing: faster rescan is now achieved at USB disconnect

* Storage: SDCard now supports NTFS (read only) and EXT3

* Storage: fix sdcard not recognized sometimes when swapping different cards brands

* Video: fix subtitles on A101

* Network shares: enhance scanning speed

* Network shares: handle the case where a server shares are not visible if not authenticated

* Network shares: allow in wireless settings to define manually a server authentication details

* Network shares: reload samba and UPnP services when switching between access points without disconnecting

* Audio: a silent mode (Global Mute) has been enabled in the power button menu. It will impact all streams except alarms in case one select alarms sound always on in alarm settings

* Application: appslib is now reinstalled after an Android device reset

* Application: fix quadrant CPU benchmark

* Power: fix shutdown sometimes happening on short power button press

* Internationalization: support for Korean codepage tags and subtitles

* Multimedia: use smaller memory footprint for decoding H264 SD

* Memory management: achieve more progressive kill in low memory situation

* Boot: fix deadlock happening sometimes preventing device to complete boot

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