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HTC Desire Root Guide

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I'm currently an owner of a HTC Desire SLCD. Current HBOOT 0.93.0001 with 2.13.707.2 RUU.

I attempted to Root the device four months back but was unsuccessful as the device got Screen Bricked. At that time there was no guide or forums that could help me out resolve my issue. I had to bring the device back to HTC for a replacement. Now after further checks, I find it is possible to Root the SLCD device but I'm having troubles finding the right guide. Also I'm real afraid I might face the same Brick issue again.

So far the only thing I have done is created my own GoldCard. Also if possible, if the root was successful, if I were to unroot it back, where can I find the same RUU as I have right now?

I would truly appreciate any feedback/assistance provided.

Thank you!

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