Pulse Sim Unlock

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> I'm just curious as to where the code that validates the SIM unlock code is kept?


> To my knowledge; the phone itself verifies the unlock code from the network. If the phone

> verifies the code then couldn't one program an application to brute-force the code?


> Failing that, couldn't you reverse-engineer the code that verifies the unlock code?


> Thanks

> -G

[uPDATE - 24/12/2010]

I found out that rild (the Radio Interface Layer Daemon) controls Android communicating with the SIM,

which has it's own minimalistic OS that's normally vendor-specific which controls the network lock.

Using the daemon would let me possibly bruteforce the unlock code. I'll keep posting my progress here as I go!

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[uPDATE - 05/01/11]

@ergo911, Beedham1:

I'm still working on setting up my development environment, but once I get that underway i'll start working on the program! :unsure:


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if you could do this that would be great! :) wanting to switch to giffgaff when my 6 month free internet runs out!

Me too! Any update on this? TIA

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