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[THEMES]For Japanese Jelly RLS9+ *Gingerbread Theme!*

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These themes have been ported and tested on Japanese Jellyfish RLS9 and they work for me. They will work on any version from RLS8 onwards.

The procedure for installing the themes is to just flash the .zip file with recovery like you would a rom. The .zips are tested to work on 3.x.x.x versions of Clockwork recovery. I recommend you update if not on it already. If you want to use Amon Ra recoveries please download this script. Open the zip file and browse to /meta-inf/com/google/android/, delete both the files here and drop the script you just downloaded in. It will now work. Obviously don't do any wipes for this. Please do a Nandroid backup prior to installing themes. I will not be held responsible for your mistakes. You have been warned.

These themes once applied will make your device boot very slowly for the first time after installing. Your rom once booted may seem sluggish, give it a couple of reboots before complaining or removing the theme.

Please note that these themes are just framework-res.apk and services.jar changes. They do not change wallpapers and widgets etc. I will not start themeing individual apps as this takes a ridiculous amount of time!

If you have requests for certain mods (colours batteries) then you will be expected to make a donation in the form of money, sex or your handset. Although reasonable requests will be filled for free when i have time.

If at any time you feel you need to go back to the boring stock froyo theme. (White bar, normal battery etc) Then download this file and flash it. Here!

Gingerbread Theme


Download Gingerbread Theme

Blue Gingerbread Theme


Download Blue Gingerbread Theme

Elegant Steel Theme


Download Elegant Steel Theme

GenerationX Theme


Download GenerationX Theme

Revo Theme


Download Revo Theme

Galaxy S Theme


Download Galaxy S Theme

Desire Sense Theme


Download Desire Sense Theme

Desire Slate Theme


Download Desire Slate Theme

MNML Theme


Download MNML Theme

Any requests?

Other Files

When using any theme that has a dark/black background for app notifications sometimes the text colour is black so you only see the progress bar. I have managed to fix this for Music playing, Market and Browser Downloads. Simply download the file and flash with Clockwork 3.x.x.x or adb push the files to system. Download Music and Market text fix.


None of these themes are "made" by me. They are all taken from other peoples work and i have just ported them to our device. I have made less than 1% of the images in total probably and i do not claim to own these. I have only made modifications and recoloured some things. All images remain the property of their respective owners.

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Mods of the above themes.

Gingerbread Circle Mod


Download Gingerbread Circle Mod

Gingerbread Thin Circle


Download Gingerbread Thin Circle

Blue Gingerbread Circle Mod


Download Blue Gingerbread Circle Mod

Blue Gingerbread Thin Circle


Download Blue Gingerbread Thin Circle

GenerationX Red Theme


Download GenerationX Red Theme

GenerationX Green Theme


Download GenerationX Green Theme



Mnml Icons Just some icons by me in 3 colours. Only a few.

Blue Gingerbread Dock Icons Use these with Launcher Pro etc.

Gingerbread stock battery icons with percentage. These can be added to either Gingerbread Circle mod to have stock gingerbread theme with percentage.

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You're Great!

Edit: REVO next please! and I've noticed in the past I don't think the status bar is #000000 (I think it would be nicer that way!)

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^Takes a while for first boot.


Works great. Thanks a lot.

How about the gingerbread boot animation too?


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Anyone confirm working on Sebs ROM? Disturbingly long time on boot and the standard boot animation is stuttering all over the place while I'm waiting.

Edit: VvZ posted his experience while I was posting sounds similar, I'll wait a little longer before I abort!

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Menus are still white, gingerbread has em black, other than that everythings perfect.

Great work.

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I'm still in a possible boot loop, is the version of clockwork possibly pertinent? here.

Am on as well, tried doing a factory reset through clockworkmod?

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Just installed a whole new ROM, with everything cleared. Guess what? Still Boot Looping (after i applied this of course).

Hmph :/

Are we all on TFT blades, fellow bloopers?

TFT here

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The only thing the theme changes is the framework, images and such.

That wouldnt be different between OLED & TFT.

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