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music control not working?

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if your stock music app can't be controlled by the liveview you could try Music mod or an older version which can also be found on that site.

the main reason music controls don't work on some phones is probably because it sends stock-player signals, and several phones including HTC-sense devices, use a custom player that expects different signals.

music-mod and older are modded replacements of android's stock music player, and should be compatible with any android phone(latest versions require android 2.2!) and behave exactly like a stock musicplayer would.

i had this music player installed on my acer liquid for phantom music widget, but was glad to see liveview controlled it fine too.

there is a newer version available in the android market, music-mod 1.8, but this one probably won't work with liveview because it shows itself as music-mod while older versions showed themselves as music (the stock music player)

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