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after hard reset my mobile got stuck on airplane mode...help?

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I tried instaling app2sd and after one day of happines my phone started to displey forceclose messages. I did a hard reset and after that i got stuck on airplane mode. It seems that phone doesnt sees the sim card. Then i tried to update him through the LG mobile update and updated him to V20B. But no luck for me. It still stays on airplane mode. I tried unticking the button for that mode and swaping sims, but nothing happend. If anyone know whats what else can i do, i would really be thankfull.

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Come on!!! Any ideas??? Plz

Try going to the Settings - Security - untick Set up SIM card lock. The phone should now connect to network again. It helped me. Good luck! Later you can setup sim card lock again but if problem persists after next reboot, try again and leave PIN security OFF.

AP2SD is 100% related to that issue and I assume you were using cooked rom. :D

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