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Mytouch 4g possibly THE fastest,best phone? check this !!

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Ok .....doesn't look like many people here on these forums yet. But I bet some researchers will be coming here.

I was NOT even thinking about EVER wanting another Mytouch. My son has had a 3g for a year now. Horrible phone.

I was set on the Vibrant or the Nexus S. went in to buy one of those. I played with both off and on for 3 days. Something "felt" missing.

Then my rep said "hey check out this phone, I have it and it is better". I laughed and said...yeah sure.

Started benchmarking them all.

The mytouch 4g walked out with 1866 quadrant, 56 fps neocore !!

So I got two of them then and there. A few days later I still don't "feel" anything missing. Just simply haulin [email protected] and can now TRULY do anything I ever wanted a phone to do.........ALL without root or modifying !!!!

BTW........4g speeds are unbelievable. I thought it would not be a big deal, but it truly is faster than I could have imagined. Haven't found an app this phone cant handle with ease yet !!

Any questions about this phone feel free to ask me. :unsure:

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