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Camera has died?

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Hi guys,

It has been a while since i have posted on these boards! back in the Orange htc days.

I have never had a decent smartphone until now with my DHD.

Ok problem time.

Apologies in advance for being slightly vague as the problem developed over Xmas and i cannot be specific on timing.

Basically if I select camera or camcorder all i get is a black screen. Now this may have coincided with the recent update sent to the phone to improve camera function (if it was it certainly did not!)

To me it seems that it is software related as i guess if the camera had died i would still get some form of operational keys on the screen not a black one?

I have performed a full factory reset but still get the same black screen. (one from the menu and another with the phone off)

I done the usual searching across this site and the net and only get result regarding the Desire and people upgrading that.

Any ideas/info you need etc? I would rather try and sort this out with your help first before returning it. (However, on the plus side battery life has improved dramatically!?)

Thank you in advance


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Any ideas guys?

The more i think about it i reckon it is software? or would the factory reset I have done rule that that out of the question?

Could i remove the camera app and reinstall it?

I found the app but the uninstall button wa not illuminated so i have no idea on how you would do it?

Any suggestions welcome.



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I had an issue where the camera and video recorder just showed a blank screen as you described. It happened soon after the upgrade to 2.2.1. In my case a power off fixed it.

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