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The Governor

Desire Z - Blank Screen

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Had my Desire Z for a month or so now, just got it all as I want it, downloaded apps etc etc and then today it suddenly decided that the screen won't work.

I'd been using it fine in the morning, went to pick it up from my desk and when I press the power button is lights the soft-keys at the bottom, and "lights" the screen up black.

I'm pretty sure it's still working as it vibrates when emails are downloaded and the like.

Having Googled around it seems like everyone's answert to this is send it back, but I did wonder if I could reflash the stock ROM and see what happens. I'm not running a custom ROM, nor have I installed any apps recently so I can't explain why it has suddenly failed...

I can't factory reset because I don't see the screen, so can't follow the procedure either.

A bit annoying really!

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Did you already try to remove the battery and power on again after that? Is the screen still not working?

Yep, first thing I thought of to be honest. No dice. Can't really understand what's caused it, as it was stationary on my desk at the time...

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