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How much do T-Mobile do to the stock DHD Rom?

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Ok - My T-Mobile contract for my HTC Hero is up for renewal and I have decided to go for a Desire HD.

Though I can see that I can probably now get a custom ROM on to it via a downgrade to 1.32 I, being of a nervous disposition, will probably want to stay with the ROM the phone comes with for a while to make sure I am happy with it before I break any warranty, etc.

So my question is to those that have got the DHD from T-Mobile is how much have they b****red around with the standard HTC ROM? I have seen some comments that imply they have done something to damage battery life but others that the upgrade from 1.72 to 1.75 happened very quickly so they probably can't have done that much to it.

Views anyone?

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I have a HTC Desire HD with Stock ROM and have great battery life. Someone I know has a T-Mobile ROM on his Desire HD and has awful battery life.

I posted about this in the battery life thread and someone else said once they flashed to Stock ROM from T-Mobile ROM they suddenly got much better battery life.

So yes, it does seem that something dodgy is added to the Desire HD T-Mobile ROM.

I've also read that 1.75 on T-Mobile is simply 1.72 Stock plus T-Mobiles customizations. Also the person I know who has a T-Mobile Desire HD didn't do the update for awhile and it made no effect on battery life.

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Let me know how the upgrade and pricing goes. I'm due an upgrade as of Jan 14th from my Hero too.

But as I work for a company that could get me the same phone on another provider got half line rental I'll probably wait until contract is up and either switch, or see if their retentions department will match it.

I used a huge extended battery )300mAh) on my Hero for a while when I used it lots. And I've seen 1600mAh batteries for Desire HD that dont add any extra size to phone that would help if you are not happy with battery life.

Anyone know if AOSP ( ie Bare ) Android gives better battery life on the HD that sense ?

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I have a Desire HD on T-Mobile and since moving to the 1.75 upgrade the battery life and radio performance is better, much better.

There is one application on the phone called "Top Apps" which details what T-Mobile reckon are the top applications at the present time, and there is the T-Mobile Logo at startup, but apart from that, thats it, and they do not interfere at all with the running of the phone or battery life.

Very good firmware update as far as I can see, all working fine here, and great battery life.

Oh forgot to add, another thing, is the browser defaults to T-Mobiles portal on the web, but im sure most people know how to change a homepage :D

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