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Motion M1400 and Ubuntu

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I know, this is a tablet and not a netbook, but that's the most matching subforum to post :D

So, I am trying to get Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook Remix work on my tablet.


- Standard M1400 (12" screen, Intel 855GMA)

- 512MB RAM

- 40GB HDD

- Intel Wireless

What I got running:

- Ubuntu

- Wireless Lan

- Video

- WACOM touch

- USB and audio jacks

- On-device D-Pad (other buttons do not work)

What I did not succeed with:

- Screen rotation

- Graphics acceleration

- Onboard sound in and output

- Bluetooth

- Proximity and ambient light sensors

- On-screen keyboard at given popups (root access password requests, hibernation wake login screen)

- Unity netbook view (Unity 2D works, but shuts down the main view after starting an app, standard Unity won't even start)

Anyone got some info, help, tutorial about these? I would appreciate any help!

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