Windows Phone 7 update, Loading times slashed with the new update

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awarner    95

Here is an excellent example of one of the improvements that has been made to Windows Phone 7 in the soon to be released OS update.

Especially for the gamers among you this impressive speed increase in game loading times can only improve on what is already a stunning phone and gaming experience.

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kaspy    1
What phones are these I dont recognize them. (Researching WP7s for 1st purchase)

will the mobile phone here is probably a Omnia HD Modded.

you can find a bit more information

MIX10 was the perfect opportunity for Microsoft to show off and reveal more details about the Windows Phone 7 Series. In order to do just that, Redmond used three devices: one from Samsung, one from LG, and the other one from ASUS. Thing is that Microsoft already said that Windows Mobile phones won’t be upgradeable to Windows Phone 7 and the company won’t support any custom installations on current WinMo phones. There are some hardware requirements involved and WP7S phones have to feature 800×480 touchscreen with multitouch, 1GHz processor, and three buttons among others. The thing is that the Samsung phone that Microsoft used at MIX10 was a Omnia HD i8910 and besides its three buttons, the device is nowhere near Microsoft’s requirements.

When contacted, Samsung said that they didn’t support Microsoft at MIX10 and that the phone you saw was a custom unit made by Redmond itself. Microsoft also says that phones need a 5MP camera, 8GB built-in memory, accelerometer, and FM radio, but these are not something too hard to achieve.

Apparently, Microsoft replaced the Omnia HD screen with a multitouch 800×480 screen, the call/exit/menu buttons with Start/Search/Back, put on a 1GHz processor, and that’s it. Samsung says that Omnia HD users might be able to upgrade, but I think that they will be able to do so. We will probably hear more when Windows Phone 7 Series will be officially released later this year.

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